Capitol stormers probably wanted to kill politicians


A man was arrested in Arizona who was there when the Washington Capitol was attacked on January 6th. The judiciary accuses him of having been part of the “violent riot” – and of planning attacks on politicians.

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When the US Capitol was stormed, some attackers wanted, according to a judicial document, to “capture and kill” politicians. There is “strong evidence,” according to an Arizona prosecutor’s document arresting a suspect. This involved an intruder known as a “shaman”, whose photos, showing him with a bare torso and a headdress made of fur and horns, went around the world. He should be brought before the judge on Friday afternoon.

According to the prosecution, Jacob Chansley, arrested in Arizona, is to remain in custody pending trial. The supporter of the right-wing QAnon movement was an active participant in a “violent uprising” aimed at “trying to overthrow the United States government,” the document said.

Leave threat on desk

The indictment so far accuses Chansley of neither the planned arrest nor the intention to kill politicians. Chansley left a threatening message on Vice President Mike Pence’s desk in the Capitol, the prosecution said. “It is only a matter of time, justice will come,” said the note. During an interrogation, Chansley said it was not a threat. Washington prosecutors have said that many suspects are facing additional charges that are more serious and therefore more complex.

US media recently reported, citing MPs and unnamed officials, that the intruders had come extremely close to the MPs on January 6th. The Washington Post reported on Friday that Vice President Mike Pence almost bumped into the intruders. His Secret Service bodyguards could have brought him out of the Senate to a safe room just in time, it said.

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