Car torn apart by impact: Raser kills four people in the USA

Car torn apart by impact: Raser kills four people in the USA

Car torn apart by impact

Raser kills four people in the United States

Because he disregarded traffic rules, the police in the USA take up the pursuit of a driver. This flees from the officials. At an intersection he crashes into another car. Four teenagers die on the spot.

On the run from the police, a man in the United States caused an accident that left five dead. The driver himself was among the fatally injured, the police said. In the New York suburb of Yonkers, the man had disregarded a red light and crashed into a vehicle coming from the right at such high speed that it was torn in two.

The four 18-year-old inmates were thrown out of the car and, according to the police, died immediately. The victims had only finished school a few months ago, according to a condolence statement from the city’s public schools. The 36-year-old driver involved in the accident died a little later in the hospital.

The police had started the chase because the man had previously disregarded traffic rules, the investigators said about the accident on Facebook. The television station ABC quoted a spokesman as saying that they did not follow the 36-year-old excessively quickly, but rather followed them with some distance. “One person’s irresponsibility ended four young lives prematurely,” said Yonkers’ Mayor Mike Spano. “This should be a lesson for all speeders.”

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