Cardi B criticized “Peppa Pig”


Cardi B believes that Peppa acted just like a pig.

As you know, every generation of children has its own idols. While the kids are small, parents turn on the TV with their favorite cartoons in accordance with their preferences or on the advice of experienced moms and dads, in order to give themselves even the slightest respite in the endless turmoil. It’s no secret that while the child is enjoying watching, the mom can take a nap or go about her personal affairs.

Some cartoons for children carry cognitive information, teach and develop the child, but some, according to psychologists, can harm the psyche of the baby. Among the popular cartoon characters, on which more than one generation of children has grown up, one can also name Peppa Pig. British animated series “Peppa Pig” is dedicated to the adventures of the cheerful pink pig, as well as her family and friends. The series has been televised in over 180 countries and translated into 40 languages. The cartoon characters perform the usual everyday activities: children play games, parents go to work.

The popular hip-hop performer Cardi B did not have the best impressions of the main character of this series. Last Sunday, the star posted a devastating tweet in which she accused Peppa of pernicious influence on her daughter Kalce Chiari, and serious threats fell on the poor pig. “My daughter saw Peppa Pig. And now every time she sees a puddle, she wants to step on it. It ruins her ugg boots! This kind of bullshit just annoys me! Damn you, Peppa Pig! Your damn days are numbered! ” – the singer’s indignation knew no bounds. Parents from the social network strongly supported Cardi in her dislike of the cartoon and shared similar problems.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Alla Karfidova

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