Cardi B impressed social media in transparent leggings


Fans reacted with bewilderment to the frank image.

Rapper Cardi B posted a post on her Instagram page that surprised fans. The picture shows the 28-year-old performer posing in a Dior jacket and leggings so transparent that through them you can see her underwear. In the caption to the candid photo, she comments on her image.

“May I ask you a favor? When I wear Dior, can you call me Dora Dior? ” – writes Cardi B.

The spicy image surprised the fans, who were divided into two camps. Some were perplexed about the outfit, noting that he was too frank. Someone even suggested that the performer simply put on tights, but forgot to put something on top. Others reasonably remarked that they would like to see this image from behind.

“You forgot about the skirt,” the fans counted.

Other subscribers enthusiastically accepted the spicy outfit. They praised Cardi B for her courage and willfulness, and noted how much sheer leggings fit her, which accentuate her curvaceous curves. Some fans admitted that the rapper inspires them to experiment with style and helps them love themselves and their appearance.

Such outfits are not uncommon for a shocking performer. On her social networks, she often publishes pictures in very candid images, and sometimes appears almost naked, which leads to disputes between fans.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Andrey Chapygin

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