Cardi B not worthy of the title ?: Critique of “Woman of the Year” award

Cardi B not worthy of the title ?: Critique of “Woman of the Year” award

Cardi B’s nomination as “Woman of the Year” by “Billboard” caused massive criticism in the USA. Because the rapper has not done much this year to deserve the title, it is said. The 28-year-old now makes an announcement to these “crybugs”.

US rapper Cardi B can call herself “Woman of the Year”. She will be officially awarded this title on December 10th during the Billboard’s Women in Music virtual event. The musician is happy on Instagram and makes it clear in a video: She deserves this title very well.

Cardi B’s statement was preceded by a wave of criticism. In the social media one seems to be particularly bothered by the fact that the 28-year-old only released one song in 2020 with the single “WAP”. A Twitter user states: Lady Gaga has meanwhile donated 130 million US dollars to fight the pandemic and released her album “Chromatica”, just as the artists Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus have released new albums. “And ‘Billboard’ gives the title Cardi B, who is partying without a mask during a pandemic.”

“I represent America”

The criticism of Cardi B’s song itself is also great. Because “WAP” stands for “Wet-Ass Pussy”, in English: damn wet pussy. Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion rap about their “wet, wet, dripping, flowing pussies”. Anyone who comes to fuck her should bring a bucket and a mop. Wild discussions have flared up in the USA about the song.

Criticism that the US rapper does not accept without comment. “You crybugs,” she says in her Instagram video. That she only released one song in 2020 is true. But: “I put THIS song out. The one that sold the most, the one that was streamed the most. The one that got your grandma dancing on TikTok.” He has more than 280 million clicks on YouTube.

She also emphasizes that this year she has mainly campaigned for political purposes. She used her money and her reach to first stand up for the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and later also for Joe Biden. Her statement: “I represent America. I wanted change and that’s exactly what I damn well achieved.”

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