Cardi B reports pregnancy from her cheating husband

Cardi B reports pregnancy from her cheating husband

The black singer will become a mother for the second time.

28-year-old singer Cardi B shared the happy news: she and her unfaithful husband Chiari Sifus (or Offset) are expecting their second baby. A snapshot demonstrating an interesting position, Cardi published in her personal microblog.

Cardi and Chiari have been married for 4 years, 2 of which have a daughter, Culcher. In the past year, difficulties arose in the relationship of the spouses – Cardi said that she was tired of enduring her husband’s betrayal, which began immediately after the wedding.

It would seem that this is a good reason to divorce. Moreover, Cardi even submitted documents for divorce, but after a while she had mercy. The other day it became known that Cardi will become a mother for the second time very soon. The future spouses are in no hurry to reveal the sex of the baby, but they state: they are very happy, and they are “very lucky”.

In the comments, the singer and her husband were quick to congratulate. True, some said: Cardi has no self-esteem at all if she decided to save the marriage in this way.

Photo source: Legion-media

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