Carl Froch doesn’t believe Saunders will win against Alvarez

Carl Froch doesn’t believe Saunders will win against Alvarez

British ex-world middleweight champion Carl Froch is skeptical about the chances of his compatriot Billy Joe Saunders against star Mexican Saul Alvarez.

“I’ll be blunt: I think Canelo will win this fight. I can’t imagine his defeat not only from Saunders, but from any other fighter, starting with the first middleweight. I know that he moved up from there to middle and second middleweight. I can imagine that in the light heavyweight division he will be given a fight, I believe that is why he came back after defeating the extinct Kovalev.

I think that between middle and second middle weights, Canelo is a formidable force. He beat all his rivals. Saunders is a great fighter, he has fast hands and knows how to box. He is a master, perhaps his skills are not appreciated. Saunders is quick on his feet and shows great skill in the ring, but I don’t think he is good enough for Canelo. He’s not big enough and not strong enough, “said Karl Froch.

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