Carlos Cuadras gave a prediction for the rematch of Gonzalez and Estrada


Former world champion in the second lightest weight (up to 52.2 kg), Mexican Carlos Cuadras gave a prediction for a duel between his offenders, compatriot Juan Francisco Estrada (41-3-0, 28 KO) and Nicaraguan Roman Gonzalez (50-2-0, 41 KO).

“Both are great fighters, so this is a real war. The novel always goes forward, throws out blows and provokes an active fight. The problem is that he, by exerting constant pressure, perfectly defends himself.

However, my favorite this time is Estrada. He has grown significantly and learned to build a fight for himself. In addition, he has an excellent angle, understanding what a chess game is and how to move pieces. I don’t think it will end with a knockout. Probably, we will have a close decision, ”said Cuadras.

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