Catherine Zeta-Jones “reminded that love exists” with a romantic photo with Michael Douglas


The couple recently celebrated their 20th anniversary of marriage.

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a touching photo with her husband Michael Douglas on her Instagram account, which moved the fans. In the photo, famous actors are kissing sweetly in the sunset. It can be seen that this is a home shot: Zeta-Jones did without makeup, and Douglas with a disheveled hair.

In the signature, the celebrity quotes Shakespeare.

“I can’t express a more kind token of love than this kiss,” writes Catherine.

Fans were delighted with the tender photo. They are confident that Zeta-Jones has released a truly live snapshot of what true love is.

“Thank you, my dear Catherine, for reminding you that true love does exist,” writes actor Raul Mendez.

The fans also wished the lovers strong feelings, bright roles and health. In their opinion, Douglas and Zeta-Jones are one of the most “sincere” and “real” couples among world celebrities.

Recall that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been married for 21 years and have two children: Dylan’s son Michael and daughter Catherine Zeta. In 2010, the actor was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, but in less than a year, Douglas managed to defeat the disease and returned to work in January 2011.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Andrey Chapygin

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