Celine Dion congratulated the eldest son on his 20th birthday

Celine Dion congratulated the eldest son on his 20th birthday

I didn’t notice how the firstborn became an adult.

Canadian singer and actress Celine Dion celebrated her eldest son’s birthday with an Instagram post. On Monday, January 25, she shared a photo of herself and 20-year-old Rene-Charles, the son of her late husband Rene Angelil. In the description in English and French, the star said: “Twenty years ago I was lucky to hear the word ‘mom’ for the first time … My dream came true, and you changed our life forever!”

The actress lamented that she could not believe how quickly two decades passed, but she happily admitted that she was letting her first child go into adulthood: “Don’t stop believing in yourself, because I believe in you. Remember also that your father is watching and guiding you. ” In the signature, Dion indicated not only herself, but also the younger brothers of Rene-Charles, 10-year-old twins Nelson and Eddie.

Recently, on January 14, Celine honored the memory of her husband, who died of cancer, in an Instagram post, where she admitted that she still loves him, remembers and addresses him even more often than during her lifetime. Dion met her chosen one in childhood, and in 1996, when she was 26 years old, she officially married him. In 2016, Angelil passed away in his own home in Las Vegas at the age of 73.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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