Certified by Republicans: Biden’s win in Georgia now official


Joe Biden won in Georgia – that’s now official. Previously, five million votes had been counted again by hand. Donald Trump continues to doubt the result. And he could ask for another count as well.

Joe Biden’s election victory in the state of Georgia is officially confirmed. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger officially certified the results, said Governor Brian Kemp. The further procedure now provides that Kemp confirms the numbers within 24 hours and thus instructs the 16 electorate of the state to vote for Biden as president on December 14th.

Thereafter, the defeated President Donald Trump has until Tuesday inclusive to request a recount of the votes. This is possible because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points. Several lawsuits by his attorneys against the election results had failed in Georgia – as in several other states – in court.

The state of Georgia had ordered the manual recount of the approximately five million ballot papers because the result was so close. And the new result is a bit tighter: Biden’s lead over Trump has shrunk from around 14,000 to 12,670 votes. The reason for the new Trump votes was a glitch during the first count. Election commissions in two Republican-ruled districts had forgotten to include several thousand votes counted.

Kemp then also sharply criticized the fact that there were irregularities to this extent. He also asked his party colleague Raffensperger to carry out a partial check of the ballot papers that were not submitted directly on election day in order to investigate any irregularities in the signatures. Trump spoke again on Twitter of “hundreds of thousands of illegal ballot papers” that would have robbed him of a “great victory”. Raffensperger, on the other hand, had repeatedly emphasized in the past few days that no signs of election fraud had been found.

Raffensperger and Kemp, like other senior officials in the state, are Republicans themselves. Biden became the first Democrat to win in Georgia after Bill Clinton in 1992. He can claim a total of 306 of the 538 electorate nationwide. He needed at least 270 voters to win the presidential election.

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