Chalamet reveals why he starred in Dune

Chalamet reveals why he starred in Dune

And Frank Herbert’s book has nothing to do with it.

Timothy Chalamet acknowledges the influence of Dune on modern cinema and sees references to Herbert’s book in Star Wars and Avatar, but he did not star in the film because of this, but in order to fulfill his dream.

“I read the novel by Frank Herbert and knew about its impact on literature and cinema. However, this was not the reason for my participation. I wanted to work with Villeneuve. The first time we didn’t work out: he didn’t take me into the film “Prisoners”, and even then I was not a very famous actor, ”Shalamet told the“ Kinoreporter ”.

According to the actor, in Paul Atreides, he is most attracted by the formation of a character, the way he grows from a boy into a real leader, on whom an incredible burden is placed – saving the world. However, according to Chalamet, Dune has enough intersections with the modern world, only they are not visible at first glance:

“The domination of capital and the exploitation of the planet for profit, human destructive actions against the environment, and the battle of nations and cultures are all extremely relevant to today’s world. I would not want to be held responsible for the salvation of mankind, but if this is destined to happen, I already know how to behave. “

“Dune” by Denis Villeneuve will reach Russian cinemas on September 16.

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