Charlotte from “Sex and the City” ceased to be recognized

Charlotte from “Sex and the City” ceased to be recognized

New footage from the filming of the project appeared on the Web.

The acting role of Charlotte Christine Davis has ceased to be recognized in the new photos from the filming of Sex and the City. A few weeks ago, the press officially announced – there will be a new plot twist. True, now “Sex and the City” is filmed without Kim Cattrall – the actress refused to cooperate further.

The other day, the true geeks were pleased with a new portion of behind-the-scenes shots. So, in one of the photos, the fans did not quite seriously recognize Christine Davis. The 56-year-old actress looked too emotional, while her face seemed barely alive.

“When she smiles, there is a pillow-face effect. The fact is that fillers look organic on a calm face. When the patient begins to laugh, it may turn out that too much of the composition has been injected. That is why it is so important that clients show all their facial expressions to the beautician before manipulating fillers, ”the PeopleTalk experts said.

Photo source: Legion-media

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