Chasing attackers – more and more arrests


Some of the extremists who stormed the US Parliament have had a rude awakening in the past few days. More and more are being arrested. Problems also arise on flights, as videos show.

They violently broke into the US parliament, attacked police officers, destroyed public property, brought some weapons, explosive devices and protective equipment with them, killed a police officer, threatened with murders and hostage-taking: the attackers who were attacking the US Capitol involved face enormous penalties. Since many of them have been able to leave the building almost unmolested, a lot has happened. The law enforcement authorities have started their tracks – and are arresting more and more suspects with the help of clues from the population.

Prosecutor: Hundreds of cases possible

Investigators have already found dozens of the men and women, and the responsible US attorney, Michael Sherwin, expects hundreds of more trials in the coming weeks and months. The events are unprecedented in their scope. “I don’t think there is a comparable case in the history of the Justice Department,” Sherwin said in an interview with National Public Radio. The sheer number of possible suspects and the large number and wide range of offenses contribute to this.

The first wave of arrests included many of those who were particularly exposed in the attack on the Capitol. So now both men are in custody who stormed the Senate Chamber in paramilitary equipment and armed with special handcuffs. One of them is an ex-US Air Force soldier from Texas. The security researcher John Scott-Railton had identified both with the help of numerous Twitter users. The ex-officer had already been reported by his ex-wife. The second man had traveled to Washington from Tennessee with his mother and was shown in pictures masked with handcuffs.

The masked man with the special handcuffs is arrested: Eric Munchel has been identified by a Canadian researcher. (Source: Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County / AP / dpa)

Also arrested was the man who prominently was one of the first intruders to chase a Capitol Police officer down several flights of stairs. While the policeman is celebrated as a hero because he distracted his pursuers from the Senate Chamber and thus enabled the evacuation of remaining parliamentarians, the suspect with the “QAnon” shirt has so far been charged with five crimes. He was arrested in his hometown of Iowa.

Douglas Jensen chased a police officer through the Capitol: He is now charged with five criminal offenses.  (Source: AP / dpa / Polk County (Iowa) Jail)Douglas Jensen chased a police officer through the Capitol: He is now charged with five criminal offenses. (Source: Polk County (Iowa) Jail / AP / dpa)

The man who put his feet on the desk of chief Democrat Nancy Pelosi and stole a letter from her office went from the heroic pose to the photo of his arrest. He had given interviews after the picture of him went around the world. He was arrested in his hometown, Arkansas, USA. In documents relating to the allegations against him, his statements to the media are also mentioned. He is to be transferred to Washington soon.

  Richard Barnett broke into Pelosi's office and stole an official letter: After interviews, the FBI was at his door.  (Source: Reuters)Richard Barnett broke into Pelosi’s office and stole an official letter: After interviews, the FBI was at his door. (Source: Reuters)

Also in custody is the man who is shown in pictures stealing the speaker desk of the US House of Representatives. He had also reported on his trip to Washington on social media. The FBI came across him through an evaluation of publicly available information. He had received as much attention as the “QAnon” shaman, who had entered the building equipped with fur, horns and spear. This bizarre Trump supporter has also been arrested.

Adam Christian Johnson strolled with Pelosi's lectern: This picture was taken after his arrest.  (Source: Reuters / Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)Adam Christian Johnson strolled with Pelosi’s lectern: This picture was taken after his arrest. (Source: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office / Reuters)

In addition to those who were particularly exposed, several men have now also been charged who came to Washington heavily armed. In an Alabama man’s truck, police found an M4 assault rifle, a pistol and eleven Molotov cocktails with a napalm-like mixture. Another man is charged with carrying a live firearm in the Capitol. So far, more than 80 arrests and charges are expected, including a Republican member of parliament in the US state of West Virginia.

Airport incidents on video

At the beginning of the week, videos in social media of suspected participants in the Capitol Storm, as they were escaped from aircraft and, in some cases, arrested, caused a sensation. Several people in the videos say they are on the so-called “no-fly list”. “They called me a terrorist,” yelled a visibly angry man believed to have broken into the Capitol in Washington. The circumstances of this video were not verifiable for t-online. Other films, however, have a specific reference to the Assault on the Capitol, while at least one of these shows an earlier incident unrelated to the Washington attack.

You can see what problems Trump supporters currently have on flights here or in the video above.

The notorious lists are a kind of hazard documentation: People on this list are viewed as a security risk and are therefore not allowed on board a scheduled aircraft. While it was already under discussion to include suspects of the Capitol Storm on the list, it was considered unlikely that this could happen shortly before the inauguration of Joe Biden.

In the past few days, however, several cases had become known in which Trump supporters harassed and intimidated people at airports and in flight, including Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham, whom they accused of “treason”. As a result, some airlines had already excluded passengers who had become suspicious from their flights.

As a result of the incidents, the large flight attendant unions not only called for those involved in the storming of the Capitol to be put on the “no-fly list”, but also for airlines to exchange information about who they no longer carry and for what reasons. Among other things, it should be prevented that people travel to Washington again or cause incidents during the flights. The Federal Aviation Authority had also announced that it would strictly enforce safety guidelines.

A police officer and an attacker were killed in the attack on the Capitol. Four other protesters died as a result of medical emergencies. A second Capitol Police officer committed suicide shortly after the attack. Several officers were injured by attackers. The FBI continues to use imagery to search for many suspects, including a man believed to have planted several pipe bombs. A reward of US $ 50,000 is offered for its capture.

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