childless Aniston showed first photo of babe-grandson

childless Aniston showed first photo of babe-grandson

The actress changed her status.

The star of the TV series “Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston announced a new addition to the family. Just the other day, the 52-year-old childless celebrity became a grandmother. The actress shared the first photos of her grandson in the microblog.

By the age of 52, Aniston was married only once – to Brad Pitt. Jennifer once became engaged to Justin Theroux, but this relationship did not last long. Aniston herself did not have time to acquire children, but noted that she had always dreamed about it.

The other day, Jen’s cousin Eilish Melik fulfilled Aniston’s dream: she gave birth to a boy.

The first picture of the child was taken while still in the hospital ward. The young mother looked incredibly tired, but happy.

Aniston herself has not seen the child yet, but, most likely, she will be one of the first to take the baby in her arms. On the web, the actress was congratulated.

“Jen became the best grandmother,” “Adorable newborn,” “Children are happiness,” “Cool, cool,” the commentators wrote.

Photo source: Legion-media

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