Children’s book editor leaves Hungary after threats

Children’s book editor leaves Hungary after threats

A politician publicly shredded his book, right-wing extremists are campaigning against him: the editor Boldizsar Nagy is leaving Hungary. He see There no longer a future for himself and his partner.

The editor of the children’s book “Märchenland für alle”, hostile to homophobia, leaves his home country Hungary because of ongoing threats against himself. The decision was made earlier, said the literary scholar and translator Boldizsar Nagy on Tuesday the news portal “”. The campaign against his book and the law that came into force the previous week to suppress information about homosexuality for young people had confirmed that he saw no future for himself and his partner in Hungary.

In “Fairytale Land for Everyone”, well-known fairy tales are retold, with the hero characters belonging to minorities. These include children living in deep poverty, children with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, homosexuals and trans people. The authors want to create more acceptance for disadvantaged people.

Orbán: “Leave our children alone!”

Last year, a right-wing extremist MP shredded the book in front of television cameras. The right-wing national prime minister Viktor Orbán then expressed his approval of the radical politician’s action. “Leave our children alone!” Orbán said at the time. Since then, the government-dependent media has equated homosexuality with pedophilia.

The information law that has now come into force also aims at such an equation. In particular, it is forbidden to make books and other information carriers accessible to people under 18 who “represent” or “propagate” homosexuality, trans identity or gender reassignments.

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