China calls on the USA to end the punitive tariffs


In the shadow of the corona pandemic, a trade war rages between China and the USA. Beijing has now signaled its willingness to enter into dialogue, but is demanding concessions from Washington.

China has called on the US to realign its policies and put an end to existing punitive tariffs and sanctions. Beijing hopes that the US will “adjust its policies and abandon unreasonable tariffs on Chinese goods as soon as possible,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a speech at a policy forum in Beijing. Chinese companies should also no longer be subject to unilateral sanctions.

“We are ready for open communication with the US side,” said Wang Yi. He also called on Washington to respect China’s core interests and to “stop smearing” the Communist Party and the Chinese political system.

Biden shows no change in course

After Donald Trump took a tough line against Beijing, relations between the two largest economies have never been worse. Even the new US President Joe Biden initially showed no change of course in his first few weeks in office.

In his first telephone conversation with China’s state and party leader Xi Jinping two weeks ago, the differences between the two powers had openly clashed. According to the White House, during the interview, Biden highlighted “fundamental concerns about Beijing’s forced and unfair economic practices, repression in Hong Kong, human rights violations in Xinjiang and increasingly challenging actions in the region, including against Taiwan.”

China’s president opposed this. He warned of a “confrontation that is definitely catastrophic for both countries and the world”.

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