Chloe Moretz spoke frankly about the “unhealthy relationship” with food


The actress calls for a more conscious approach to nutrition.

In a fresh interview with Shape magazine, 24-year-old Chloe Moretz said that she used to torment herself with a calorie deficit for years to keep in shape, but over time she reconsidered her attitude to food. The actress says she just started eating sensibly.

“Eat as you like, but do it consciously. I grew up and understood how food affects my body, and began to choose good foods. That being said, if I know I’m going to have a hearty lunch or lunch, I will trim the rest a little. It works great for me, ”Chloe shared. She also noted that she decided to limit herself in alcohol: now the actress drinks a little only on weekends. “I get used to a glass of wine very easily in the evening, and this affects the clarity of my mind in general.”

During the quarantine period, Moretz also revised her attitude to meat. Previously, Chloe was a pescetarian, that is, she did not eat meat, but included dairy products, eggs and fish in her diet.

“On isolation, I realized that I couldn’t live without fried chicken. For two whole weeks, I ordered myself chicken sandwiches every day. I couldn’t help myself, I turned into a little demon. And then something went wrong. My digestion was disturbed, I was completely loose. But when I returned to my food discipline, everything became normal, ”- said Chloe.

During the quarantine, the actress, like many, had to give up personal training and study at home on her own.

“Training has become less intense. Sometimes all I can do is just get up and do some stretching. Even though I did not complete the workout, I sat for 20 minutes in peace and quiet. I suspected that I was prone to anxiety, but when the pandemic began, I realized that I definitely have the disorder. I am much calmer when I am busy and working on the set. In everyday life at home, I constantly feel stressed. And when I had to stay at home all the time, anxiety increased significantly. But I realized that at such moments I have to observe my condition, realize it and accept it with respect, ”Moretz told the magazine.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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