Choir star Lea Michele complains of postpartum hair loss


The actress is seriously thinking about a short haircut.

The star of the TV series “Choir” and “Scream Queens” Leah Michele now knows not only the joys of motherhood. Recently, the actress complained on Instagram that after the birth of a child, she may lose her gorgeous hair.

In August, Leah gave birth to a son, Ever Leo, from 37-year-old businessman Zendi Reich, with whom they got married in the spring of 2019. The star did not immediately admit that she and her husband were expecting their first child. She revealed the pregnancy just four months before giving birth.

The couple’s child was long-awaited. A few years ago, the actress was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, so doctors doubted that she would be able to conceive and bear a baby on her own. After the birth of their son, Michelle and her husband shared a photo of the baby on social networks. “So grateful,” the actress signed the photo in which she and her husband are tenderly holding the child’s leg. The couple’s son’s face is still hiding from prying eyes.

However, along with the joys of motherhood, the 34-year-old star has to endure the negative consequences of childbirth for the female body. Due to the hormonal explosion, Leah Michelle began to lose her hair. The actress posted a photo on Instagram, where she is holding a whole clump of hair that has fallen out.

“Postpartum hair loss is not fictional,” the actress wrote.

She also posted a photo showing her chic dark chocolate tresses. The actress stands in the bathroom in her homemade pajama pants and a nude bodysuit. She poses in the mirror so that you can see her long hair, which she left loose.

“Enjoy this long hair while it sticks on,” joked Leah Michele. She hinted that soon she might have to get a bob cut. Note that Lea Michele prefers to wear long hair. She appeared with short hair only during the filming of the series “Glee”, but then it was just a wig.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Elena Chekhovskaya

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