Choir star Lea Michele talks about desperate attempts to get pregnant


The actress recalled the sad moments of her life.

The star of the popular TV series “Choir” Lia Michele became a mother for the first time in August last year. Despite the fact that she is now enjoying motherhood, the actress recalled with horror the events that preceded the birth of her first child, Ever Leo.

The 34-year-old movie star admitted on Instagram live that her pregnancy was very difficult. Lea Michelle frankly said that for several years she could not get pregnant due to an illness. Doctors discovered polycystic ovary syndrome in the actress. This was a big blow to her. “I have never shared my experience with anyone,” said the star.

Leah said she almost gave up trying to get pregnant after undergoing a series of surgeries to treat polyps, cysts and scar tissue. “I really felt like it might not be meant for me right now,” mused the Grammy nominee, adding that her biggest fear was that she would not be able to become a mom.

The actress tried to get pregnant, but, tired of the negative results, she decided to stop thinking about it. Imagine her surprise when she saw a positive test. However, after 72 hours of incredible happiness, Michelle began to bleed. The star admitted that heavy bleeding continued throughout the first trimester, and she had to take a large number of medications, as well as stay in bed.

Sometimes at night, when Leah was afraid of losing her baby, she would wake up her husband, businessman Zendi Rich, and ask him to hug her. Two months before giving birth, she received the good news that her baby was healthy, and this finally allowed her to enjoy life.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Olga Chechevatova

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