Chris Arreola: “Perhaps Ruiz hit twice well and I got countless right shots.”

Chris Arreola: “Perhaps Ruiz hit twice well and I got countless right shots.”

Former heavyweight title contender Chris Arreola said that in all 12 rounds of the fight with Andy Ruiz, the opponent did not manage to shake him.

“I’m depressed. Those asshole judges were watching some other fight. How could you guys see such a score? I don’t understand. I didn’t come after the fight with a black eye, my nose isn’t broken.”

I probably shocked Ruiz in the second round, but he is a very dangerous fighter. You saw this in the fight with Joshua, and I didn’t want him to catch me with a sudden blow. I wanted to make sure I calculated it and caught it correctly. I hit him on the right in the chin and sent him to the canvas. He didn’t dump me. Revise the fight, he may have hit well twice. I got innumerable punches from the right.

My jab threw his head back. He may have speed and power, but he didn’t shake me. This boxing is a dangerous sport. I was not going to fight like Joshua, forgetting to be careful. Ruiz is always dangerous, “said Chris Arreola at a press conference after the fight.

We will remind, Arreola also harshly criticized the judges, who gave Ruiz the victory with a devastating decision.

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