Chris Eubank Jr.: “I’m sitting in the wilderness with Roy Jones, I haven’t seen my father in a year …”


According to Chris Eubenck Jr, he spent 2020 with Roy Jones, training in his gym and leading a truly reclusive lifestyle. In particular, the boxer has not seen his father for almost a year, since December 2019.

“Since February, I’ve spent a lot of time with Roy. We were in his hall, on his farm, in his house. We spent 7 or 8 months together. We are now in Pittsburgh, and there is nothing around us. Here Roy has a gym, where he regularly trained for fights in the last stages of his career, such as Jeff Lacey, Bernard Hopkins … Although, no, probably not Hopkins. Hopkins or Calzaghe. In general, he likes it here. He told me that he feels good in places where nothing distracts, nothing takes his mind away from the tasks. He has one big task ahead in the person of Mike Tyson. Personally, I can’t say it’s fun here. This is a rather strange place. But since it works for Roy Jones, we are here and Roy looks great. “

“I haven’t seen my father, I think, since December, since my last fight. Yes, I haven’t seen him for about a year. Of course, we talk on the phone, correspond, but physically I did not see him. For a while he was in Louisiana, now he returned to England, but I was here. I hope that I will have time to see him by the end of the year. “

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