Chris Eubank Jr. spoke about the hand injury he received in the fight against Korobov


According to the famous middle and super middleweight fighter Chris Yubenk Jr., in his fight against Matvey Korobov, he seriously injured his hand. Now he is forced to be more careful with the taping process in order to prevent injuries in the future. For this, he decided to work with an experienced cutman.

“I think I’ll hire someone to tape my hands. All my career I’ve done it myself. In my last fight, I screwed up the taping. Fortunately, I almost didn’t have to beat, because the fight ended in the second round. When I took off my gloves and tape after the fight, I looked at my hands and thought: “This is not good.”

“I think I’ll work with the person who tapes Floyd Mayweather. His name is Bob. We will now work with him before every fight. He is also a cutman and, most likely, he will now be in my corner. “

“I haven’t come across anyone whose taping I liked. I always wrap my arms myself before training. It just didn’t make sense for me to go out to the fight and trust this business to someone else. I’ve always done this myself. In my opinion, Adam Booth was able to do it once or twice, but not before the fight, but in the gym. It wasn’t that bad. But beyond that, I’ve always done it myself. “

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