Chris Evans played piano for fans, Happy New Year


Captain America continues to delight fans with a new superpower.

Famed for his role in The Avengers, Chris Evans showed off his musical talent and played the piano for fans, wishing them a Happy Christmas and New Years. The performer of the role of Captain America posted a video on Instagram where he plays a melody, sitting next to a Christmas tree. In the credits for the first half of the video, the actor wrote: “Merry Christmas.” And at the end of the video I made the caption: “I wish you a happy and healthy new year.”

By the way, this is not the first video showing Chris Evans mastering keyboard instruments. So, on Thanksgiving Day, the actor learned the work of one of the modern Italian composers – Fabrizio Paterlini – and demonstrated his skills to fans. The mini-concert fit into short clips. Captain America positioned the camera so that he could be seen in close-up, as well as his hands on the piano. In the short periods between plays, the actor turned to the camera and smiled at his fans.

By the way, the artist has been playing several musical instruments since childhood: guitar, drums and keyboard sets. When the video with the piano playing appeared on the Internet, Paterlini himself commented on it, writing: “Something was in the air and told me that Chris Evans will play my melody.”

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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