Chris Hemsworth swims among sharks for an animal protection project

Chris Hemsworth swims among sharks for an animal protection project

National Geographic will air the Shark Beach documentary in early July.

Chris Hemsworth, who won the hearts of millions as Thor, is now involved in the National Geographic zoo project. An Australian actor with a passion for the ocean and surfing, he starred in the documentary Shark Beach.

In the latest trailer for the project, Chris dives to the bottom of the reefs with eco-activist Valerie Taylor to investigate the behavior of gray sharks in their natural habitat.

The video begins with shots of scenic tropical islands and Hemsworth being squeezed into a diving suit. Together with his partner, the actor swims near fantastic reefs and their stunningly painted inhabitants, until he meets a three-meter gray predator.

She slowly swims past the divers in dangerously close proximity. Then two more giant predatory fish appear. They seem to be about to touch Hemsworth with their fins.

Recall that the National Geographic documentary is intended to draw attention to the problem of more frequent attacks by sea predators on swimmers, as well as the extermination of important representatives of the marine biocenosis. Chris Hemsworth is convinced that sharks need to be protected, as they play a very important role in the world’s oceans.

It will premiere during the annual SharkFest in Australia on July 5th.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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