Chris Hemsworth’s wife suspects him of treason

Chris Hemsworth’s wife suspects him of treason

Marriage with one of the “hottest” men in Hollywood – it turns out, a reason to sympathize.

The position of Elsa Pataky cannot be envied: she is a 44-year-old actress, not even of the second, but of the third tier, and her husband, a Marvel star, who earns millions of dollars, regularly enters the lists of the sexiest men in Hollywood and, moreover, is six years younger than her.

Even though Pataki constantly emphasizes on Instagram and numerous interviews how everything is good in her family, in fact, insiders say, there is no smell of harmony in this stellar marriage. The reason, although sad, is actually quite logical – other women.

A few days ago, the ubiquitous paparazzi caught Chris on vacation in the company of model Cheyenne Tozzi. Wildlife Chris and Cheyenne enjoyed in the company of the actor’s children, and everything, at first glance, was innocent enough, but not for Elsa. A source from Life & Style said:

“For Elsa, it was definitely a wake-up call. When they finally talked to Chris, she had a lot of questions. Of course, he said that there were children with him and everything was absolutely innocent. “

Wake-up call: Chris Hemsworth‘s wife suspects him of treason

The assurances of her husband that he spends time with young models exclusively “innocently”, Elsa, apparently, was not too reassured:

“Elsa, of course, trusts Chris, but she is by no means stupid. What woman wants her husband to hang out with a blonde model? “

Wake-up call: Chris Hemsworth‘s wife suspects him of treason

After such a “walk” Elsa, according to an insider, decided to “tighten the leash” and control Chris more. And this, in turn, immediately affected their already not cloudless marriage, in which romance had long given way to everyday fatigue.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Valeria Smolova

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