Chris Pratt forced Anna Faris to divorce

Chris Pratt forced Anna Faris to divorce

At one time, Faris left her ex-husband for the sake of Chris Pratt, and then she herself was in the status of a “thrown”.

Anna Faris left her first husband, actor Ben Indra, in 2007 for Chris Pratt, quickly filed for divorce so that she could have an affair with a colleague on the set without public condemnation.

10 years later, Faris found herself on the other side when her marriage to Pratt fell apart. In the new series of the podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified, the actress frankly admitted that there really were problems in the marriage, but Chris literally “forced” her to file for divorce instead of solving these problems.

“I had no close friends, and therefore I never discussed my marriage problems with anyone. I think Chris and I supported this picture of a perfect marriage even among our closest people … “

Karma overtook: Chris Pratt forced Anna Faris to divorce

It was this desire to preserve the appearance of an ideal marriage at any cost that led to the accumulation of problems in the union of Anna and Chris.

“At some point, I realized that a lot of things I just ignored, although I shouldn’t have,” added Faris.

All spouses go through the “family boat crashed into everyday life” stage, but not many are able to solve the accumulated problems without turning to a divorce lawyer.

Karma overtook: Chris Pratt forced Anna Faris to divorce

Anna and Chris with their son Jack

It seems that Chris Pratt did not want to solve the problem – openly Faris, of course, does not blame her ex-spouse, but in a podcast she hinted that “it felt like she was forced” to divorce.

Usually, the divorce proceedings of the stars drag on for years, but Chris Pratt, apparently, really wanted to be free, and Faris did not interfere – in August 2017 they parted, and a year later they became free.

Even before the divorce, Chris had an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Catherine, and married her in 2019, becoming a father in 2020.

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