Chris Pratt’s wife introduced him and his 8-month-old daughter to her horse


Katherine Schwarzenegger loves horses since childhood.

In the new issue of People magazine, Katherine Schwarzenegger spoke about her love for animals and how she introduced her husband and daughter to her beloved pets.

Katherine has a 26-year-old horse named Cinco. The reverent attitude towards horses, according to Schwarzenegger, was instilled in her by her parents. Now Katherine wants to pass this love on to her 8-month-old daughter Lila.

“The meeting between Laila and Cinco was very fun. Cinco and I have been together since my high school days. It is such a happiness to be with him until now and to introduce him to his daughter. She was so excited when she stroked his nose, and my heart almost melted! ” – shared Katherine.

Prior to that, she introduced her husband, Chris Pratt to the horse. “They quickly became friends. It was a wonderful moment when I first introduced them. It was also very nice to introduce Chris to Maverick. [собакой Кэтрин]… When your loved ones and your beloved animals get together, it’s so great. Especially if the animals feel comfortable at the same time, this is a very good sign, ”said the actor’s wife.

And although Laila is still very young, according to Katherine, the baby already loves animals. “It is very important for me that the stable becomes a part of her life, as it becomes a part of mine. For a child, especially if he grows up in a city, it is important that there is a place in nature where he can wallow in the mud, feel freedom, and communicate with animals. It influenced me very well as a child, and I know it will be good for Lila too, ”said Katherine.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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