Chrissy Teigen conquered social networks with a “conversation” between her son and a goat: video


A model captured a child during an Easter party.

Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen shared with Instagram followers a cute video from an Easter party in which she captured her little son Miles interacting with a goat.

“I do not know what it means!” – a 3-year-old child responds with a smile to the bleating of a goat, after which Chrissy laughs off-screen.

Chrissy’s subscribers were touched by the video with her son, who, as many noted, is very similar to his father John Legend. “What a pretty one! Little John “,” What a lovely “,” You have an amazing family, “- users write in the comments.

Teigen continues to run Instagram, although the model recently deleted her Twitter account, noting that she received too much negativity on the social network and could not cope with it.

“The goal of my life is to make people happy. And when I can’t do it, it hurts too much. To many, I seem to be a strong girl who does not go into her pocket for words, but in reality I am not like that. My desire to be liked and my fear of angering people turned me into someone you wouldn’t follow. I’m not what I was when I started the page. Don’t forget that your words matter. What I haven’t learned to do is block negativity, ”she turned to the subscribers of Chrissy and noted that she loves and hates them at the same time.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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