Ciara spoke about childbirth during a pandemic


The American singer and model shared her negative impressions of a recent visit to the hospital.

35-year-old Ciara Princess Harris and her husband, 32-year-old professional baseball player Russell Carrington Wilson are experienced parents. By the summer of 2020, they already had one child in common, 3-year-old daughter Sienna Princess Wilson. In May 2014, Ciara gave birth to her first child from rapper Futcher, so her visit to the hospital last summer was her third.

However, the reality of the procedure, seemingly well-known and not so frightening, surpassed the darkest expectations of the star couple. Ciara told that childbirth during a pandemic is accompanied by the requirement to wear a mask at a time when the woman is in extreme pain and it is difficult for her to breathe.

Ciara stated that these demands were not empty air concussions, but were accompanied by real actions by a team of doctors and midwives. The staff of the hospital with great doubt allowed the singer to make the first attempt with an open face when her husband hugged her.

But as soon as the process, as they say, went, the doctor told the amazed parents and, first of all, Russell: “So, these are not toys. Put the mask on your wife immediately if she cannot do it on her own.

Ciara noted that for the third time she managed to give birth quickly and at the same time she was wearing a medical mask. “This is madness, the most real madness, just some kind of devilry,” – the singer still recalls the July birth with a tremor in her voice. Fortunately, the health of now six-month-old Win Harrison Wilson was not negatively affected by the mother’s stay in the mask.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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