Clamped to the hull of the boat: Missing people rescued from the sea off Florida


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Missing person rescued from the sea off Florida

An American starts out on an excursion in his motorboat from Florida. During the trip he suddenly gets into distress. The crew of a container ship later discovered the 63-year-old in the sea. To survive, he had clung to the hull of his capsized boat.

The hull of his overturned boat was his last stop just 140 kilometers off the east coast of Florida: A 63-year-old American was rescued from an extremely precarious situation on Sunday by the crew of a container ship. Stuart Bee’s motorboat was no longer able to drive after technical problems on Saturday, the US Coast Guard said after the man was rescued.

Bee reportedly woke up on Sunday when water seeped into the front cabin of his boat and pushed him through a hatch. After sunrise, he discovered the container ship Angeles nearby and was able to attract the attention of its crew.

“The chances of finding Bee alive were slim,” said Shawn Antonelli of the Coast Guard. “But he managed to stay with his boat, which helped him survive.” Colleague Mark Vlaun added: “This is a truly incredible outcome.”

Bee left Port Canaveral on Friday afternoon, according to the Coast Guard. A day later he was reported missing by a member of the marina as he usually never stayed at sea overnight. The Coast Guard then launched an air search and informed ships in the area to look for Bee’s boat. It remained unclear whether Bee made an emergency call himself after discovering the defect and how long he was in distress.

Photos of the rescuers published by the Coast Guard on Facebook show Bee hanging on the hull of his boat, swimming to an ejected lifebuoy when the ship arrived and finally boarding completely soaked.

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