CNN commentator bursts into tears live

CNN commentator bursts into tears live

Shortly after CNN announced Joe Biden’s victory in the US election, several reporters commented on the result. One of them is emotionally overwhelmed.

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After Donald Trump’s presidency of the United States for four years, relief at news of Joe Biden’s election victory has moved a CNN political commentator, Van Jones, to tears. A few minutes after the crucial news, Jones was on the air when he began to sob and tearfully cry out how relieved he was at the outcome of the election. “This is a big deal for us just to be able to find some peace and have a chance to start over,” said the black TV commentator. The news is satisfaction for many who have suffered. “It’s a good day for our country,” he added. You can see his address in the video or above here in full length.

“You are afraid for your children”

Jones spoke of increasing racism in the country. “You go into a store and people who were afraid to show their racism become more disgusting and disgusting to you. And you are afraid for your children, you are afraid for your sister,” he said.

The 52-year-old political scientist Jones gives CNN assessments on political issues and was also often used in coverage of the election.

Remembering George Floyd

“I can’t breathe” – it wasn’t just George Floyd. There are many people who think they can’t breathe, “said Jones. With these words the African-American Floyd implored a white police officer who was kneeling on his neck. Floyd died, his death sparking mass protests.

Trump is accused of not taking a clear position against racism. In a TV debate, Trump told the right-wing extremist organization “Proud Boys” that they should stand back and stand by. Biden, on the other hand, has promised to intensify the fight against racism.

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