CNN warned US military of air strike in Kabul

CNN warned US military of air strike in Kabul

According to a report by the US broadcaster CNN, the CIA warned the military shortly before the last air strike in Kabul. It had information that pointed to children and civilians at the site of the operation.

CNN reports that seconds before the air strike in Kabul that killed several civilians, a warning was received from the CIA. The station cites sources that were familiar with what was happening on site.

It is unclear whether the air strike was even discussed with the US secret service. The CIA did not comment on the incident or possible involvement. A Pentagon spokesman had previously told the New York Times that the attack was based on “good intelligence” without saying which organization provided the information.

General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. admitted yesterday that the air strike was a mistake and civilians were killed. At least seven children and three adults were killed in the impact of a Hellfire missile. In the final hours of their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US armed forces feared further terrorist attacks by the Islamic State group.

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