Coach Alvarez: “In the first fight with Golovkin, I realized that he does not know how to fight on waste”


Eddie Reinoso, coach of the WBA Super and WBC middleweight champion Saul Alvarez, is confident that he and his ward managed to defeat the IBF middleweight belt holder Gennady Golovkin in rematch due to his inability to work on waste.

“In the first fight, we worked on counterattacks in the center of the ring, but then I realized in this fight that Golovkin does not know how to fight on the waste. Gennady always wanted to go forward. In the second fight, we changed our strategy. We wanted to press him from the first round. Due to the fact that Saul was going forward, Golovkin lost concentration for 3-4 rounds.

Then, when he tried to change his plan to fight, we switched and began to counterattack him, moving back, but at the same time forcing Golovkin to back away. As a result, Gennady never found a way to decipher our strategy, which Saul changed from round to round. It brought us victory, “said Eddie Reinoso.

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