Coach of Alexander Usyk: “In the interstate, Joshua is afraid of Sanya”

Coach of Alexander Usyk: “In the interstate, Joshua is afraid of Sanya”

Valentin Litvinchuk, a fitness coach who works with Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usik, is confident that WBA / WBO / IBF world champion Anthony Joshua is wary of fighting his ward.

“Let’s be honest: Joshua loudly declared himself in amateurs, but he fell there. Sasha boxed with him at the same time. Then he fought with these guys, with whom Anthony boxed and fell for amateurs. They had the World Series of Boxing, Sasha tried his hand at the heavyweight division there.I honestly tell you, in a get-together he is afraid of Sanya.

Sasha is a dark horse capable of something in the ring. And Sasha is very motivated by this, he feels the fear of a person. You have no idea how he feels it. He takes advantage of it. Sasha has a very right environment – both friends and family. I’ll tell you, Anatoly Nikolaevich Lomachenko is a crazy psychologist. He can find the right words and motivate, “Valentin Litvinchuk said in an interview with the neKARATE YouTube channel.

We will remind, Litvinchuk also spoke about the incredible psychology of Usik.

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