Combat Motorcycles Wraith: This is not a normal motorcycle

Combat Motorcycles Wraith: This is not a normal motorcycle

Combat Motorcycles Wraith

This is not a normal motorcycle

The motorcycle brand Confederate is now called Combat. And the name says it all, because the newly revived Wraith looks very martial. In essence, the noble two-wheeler forge from the USA remains true to itself and delivers a sinfully expensive eye-catcher of the special class.

Three decades, three name changes, various models – the history of the US two-wheeler brand, which started as Confederate Motors in 1991 and has since been renamed Combat, can be described as varied. But at its core it has remained true to itself, as the new edition of the Wraith, available from June, shows. As always, the Americans are offering an eye-catcher in a class of their own, offering many classic elements of the brand and at the same time a lot of new things.

The Combat Wraith V2 has an output of 109 hp and makes the bike 258 km / h.

(Photo: Ciombat)

The heart of the Wraith, which costs the equivalent of at least 128,000 euros, is a mighty V2 from S&S, which provides 109 hp from a 2.2 liter displacement. Even if the Wraith looks like a lot more: Combat states that its combat weight is only 254 kilograms. Their top speed of 258 km / h is slightly higher.

Milled from solid

At least as impressive as the drive is the styling of the Wraith, which optically looks very top-heavy thanks to the massive parallelogram fork and the small mini seat and, thanks to many parts milled from solid, also looks very solid.


Stylish light elements also make the Combat Wraith unique on the front.

(Foto: Combat)

At the same time, there are modern and stylish LED light elements for the front and rear lights as well as fine LED light strips on the front edge of the fork tubes, which also serve as indicators.

The Wraith can be ordered in two versions. Raw Machined is the name of the virtually unpainted version with many shiny metallic surfaces. The predominantly black Knight Wraith costs around 8,000 euros extra.

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