“Committed to the truth”: Kamala Harris – an unusual woman


Kamala Harris wrote down her life story and it is well worth reading. You get to know the woman who is now Vice President of the United States even better – her drive, her goals, and also a few thoughts beyond what was previously known.

To say it right from the start – you don’t learn too much about the Vice President of the United States when it comes to private matters. But do you even want that? Can’t we be happy if she keeps all her private clutter to herself? Spread out, reveal too much, others are already doing that enough. Didn’t we already have to speculate about whether the former president of the United States was using a doppelganger for his wife? Whether a former German Chancellor dyed or tinted his hair, whether the French head of state had a mistress or the one from Great Britain had something to do with the tax? With Mrs. Harris we can be pretty sure: “What you see is what you get”, scandals are not to be expected. And that’s just as well.

Kamala Harris is a woman, very clear in her head, very clear in her demeanor, with goals. One of them has now reached her, she’s Vice President of the United States, and that’s pretty awesome. Because much has spoken against it until now: She is a woman. She is a Person of Color, she is quite young for such an office. She is divorced, remarried, has no children of her own and wears trainers. She has a veritable relationship with her president. Not of the disreputable kind, rather the “daughter-father” model, but collegial, downright equal. Sometimes it is not clear who needs whom more. The nice thing, however, is that both speak highly of each other, and full of respect.

One thing is also certain: this woman has a sense of humor. Because if you take your book “Committed to the Truth – My Story” just once and leaf through the pages, as you usually do with books, before you start reading, then one thing catches the potential reader’s eye first: Kamala Harris , the first color female Vice President of the United States, laughs a lot and loves to laugh in the many photos in the book. She seems to be a tidy, happy, lovable and loving person through and through. We now know that she has made such a career, that she is a woman, that she is colorful and that these are usually not necessarily the ingredients for a life path when it comes to people with precisely these requirements. And how this path began, the 56-year-old wrote down impressively.

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Yes, it’s true, and you have already been able to read that elsewhere, this book will probably not win the Nobel Prize for Literature for the most beautiful language, but the plot is impressive. Kamala is the daughter of an Indian immigrant and a Jamaican, her parents are educated, handsome and integrated, but unfortunately they divorce quite soon, Kamala is only seven, she and her younger sister will grow up with her mother from now on. We learn a lot from their grandparents, from the love that reigned in the family, but also from the expectation to make something of their life. Kamala Harris’ mother alone is a role model that could hardly be better: a single parent, but never complaining, on the contrary, always active. Under a photo it says, “At 25, my mommy had a PhD – and me.” After the parents split up, the father no longer plays an important role.

Of course, all of this shapes little Kamala, and so it is not surprising that, embedded in her grandparent families, uncles and aunts in Jamaica, Lusaka, Harlem and Berkeley, she will have a steep career between school and demos, traveling and learning : University degree, public prosecutor, attorney general of California – to name just a few stations in this exemplary career. She is persistent, focused, and yet never seems dogged. Much seems easy to her. She is authentic. She tells the reader what is important to her, she leaves the rest out. Unfortunately, Harris does not report in the book about her path to becoming vice-president, she had already written it too early before the election campaign, but there is sure to be a continuation. Which we will be happy to read again, just like this book.


Yes, one should be more interested in the work of Kamala Harris, less in gossip or her love life – which certainly exists – but here is a thoroughbred lawyer, a woman who has both feet on life. That disregards conventions that you like to see, that you like to listen to, that can laugh at yourself and certainly also at others, that is not indecent, but certainly stands above it when a “Vogue” cover comes with you her pants.

You don’t read this book for literary reasons, but because you care about the woman in question and because she has a message. Sometimes it turns out to be very American, maybe a bit too pathetic at one point or another, but she is forgiven. This book looks like the book she will write before her masterpiece, because the sequel will definitely be about the nitty-gritty: Kamala Harris will be able to tell about her move into the White House, about what it did to her. What she found there and what she has already been able to change. We will then certainly learn more about how her husband, the stepchildren and her fared there, whether she and Jill Biden are best friends and what tips she gets from Michelle Obama. Because then, in a year or two, Kamala Harris will be an institution. If elected again in 2024, America will be a different America, one after Corona, after Trump and also after Joe Biden. An America that a President, a Person of Color, would look very good on.

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