Conference with representatives abroad: Xi calls for alliance against the USA

Conference with representatives abroad: Xi calls for alliance against the USA

Conference with foreign representatives

Xi calls for solidarity against the USA

Beijing’s diplomats repeatedly accuse the USA of wanting to slow down the development of the People’s Republic. At a virtual summit to mark the party’s anniversary, China’s head of state Xi is now railing against Washington. In front of representatives from 160 countries, he calls for an alliance against the USA.

At a summit meeting with political representatives from 160 countries, China’s President Xi Jinping indirectly called for alliance against the United States. “Together we must oppose all acts of unilateralism in the name of multilateralism, hegemony and power politics,” said the head of state at the virtual conference. He called for the “building of a community with a common future for humanity” and called for the rejection of any country that pursues “technology blockades” and “development decoupling”.

Chinese diplomats have repeatedly accused the US of attempting to hinder the development of the People’s Republic by denying it access to American technology. In an obvious allusion to ex-US President Donald Trump’s “America First” motto, Xi also said, “From a ‘my country first’ perspective, the world is cramped and overcrowded and often full of fierce competition.” As president, Trump started a trade war with China. His successor Joe Biden has also identified China as a key strategic competitor to the USA.

In the past few weeks, Biden and his government have on several occasions urged democratic allies such as the EU and Japan to take a tougher stance on China. In return, China is demanding more support from friendly nations such as North Korea and Serbia. The summit to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party was attended by representatives from 500 political parties around the world, including Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Burkina Faso.

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