Congratulations do not arrive: Trump administration blocks mail for Biden

Congratulations do not arrive: Trump administration blocks mail for Biden

The incumbent US President Trump is still doing everything possible to prevent the transfer of power to Biden. This also includes denying him support in communicating with other governments. The result: A pile of undelivered congratulations is stored in the Foreign Ministry.

According to a media report, the elected US President Joe Biden cannot accept a whole pile of congratulatory telegrams because of the resistance of incumbent Donald Trump at the handover of government. In the US State Department there was mail addressed to Biden by foreign heads of state and government, but he was denied access to it, the broadcaster CNN reported, citing officials from the department. So far, Biden has been denied the legally required support for an orderly transfer of office (“transition”) from Trump’s government.

Biden’s team had to take calls with congratulations on his election victory, including from Chancellor Angela Merkel, without the support of the Foreign Office with logistics and translation. Traditionally, the elected US President is supported in all communications by the US State Department, which is why numerous countries have sent their congratulatory telegrams there since the weekend.

Biden was declared the winner on Saturday based on surveys and predictions from US media. However, Trump has so far refused to admit defeat. He speaks of electoral fraud and is suing in several US states – without having presented any evidence yet. Chief diplomat Mike Pompeo has not yet recognized Biden’s victory either. Instead, he spoke of a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration”. As a result of this resistance, Biden’s team lacks millions of US dollars as well as access to all ministries and authorities in order to prepare the transition there. The Democrat has not yet received any confidential information from the secret services.

This must change, said the Republican Senator James Lankford, who represents the US state of Oklahoma, in a radio interview with the broadcaster KRMG. If Biden does not receive intelligence briefings by Friday, he will campaign for it, announced the politician, who is a member of a corresponding supervisory committee of the Senate. This has to be done so that all people – regardless of the election result and no matter in which direction it will go – are prepared for this task, said Lankford. An orderly handover is considered important to ensure that the new president is fully operational from day one.

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