Conte also wins a vote of confidence in the Senate


The Italian Prime Minister had a success: he won a vote of confidence in both houses of parliament. A stable coalition in Rome is still not in sight.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also won the second vote of confidence in parliament on Tuesday. Less than a week after his center-left coalition broke in the dispute over corona aid funds, he received a majority of 156 votes in the Senate in Rome, a spokeswoman said. He achieved his minimum goal of maintaining power in the smaller chamber, but missed an absolute majority. 140 senators voted against the independent head of government.

On Monday evening Conte had won a first vote of confidence in the larger Chamber of Deputies – there with an absolute majority.

Dispute over the use of EU funds

The government was broken by the departure of the small party Italia Viva of the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on January 13th. The dispute was about the use of EU aid funds in the corona pandemic.

Conte had campaigned in speeches in both houses that other politicians from pro-European, liberal or socialist camps should vote for his ailing government. The two victories mean a success for the 56-year-old lawyer, but a stable coalition in Rome is not yet in sight.

The election result was significantly delayed due to an uncertainty at the end of the voting process in the evening.

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