Controversial Florida Law: Trans girls banned from girls’ sports

Controversial Florida Law: Trans girls banned from girls’ sports

Controversial law in Florida

Trans girls banned from girls’ sports

In Florida, transgender girls are required to attend physical education classes for boys. Previously, other Republican states had similar regulations. They would “stick to biology”. For critics, the law is a step towards transphobia and discrimination. You want to fight back.

The US state of Florida excludes transgender students from girls’ school sports. The Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law in a Christian school in Jacksonville, according to which transgender women and girls must compete with boys in sports in public schools.

“We believe it is very important that the integrity of the competitions is preserved,” said DeSantis. “We stick to biology and not ideology when we do sports.” The governor is considered a close confidante of former President Donald Trump.

Proponents of sports laws say they are necessary to uphold fairness, arguing that cisgender women and girls would be at a disadvantage compared to transgender athletes who were considered male at birth because of their biological sex but are now women identify.

The legislation was passed against opposition from Democrats and civil rights activists who have cited banning transgender girls and women from sports as discriminatory. “Shocking,” said Democratic gay politician Carlos Smith on Twitter. “It fuels transphobia and puts vulnerable children at risk for no good reason.” The Human Rights Campaign has already announced a lawsuit against the law.

The signing in Florida took place on the first day of “LGBTQ Pride Month”, which focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people. Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, and West Virginia have passed similar laws, and the South Dakota governor has signed an enactment in support of a ban on sports. They all have Republican governors.

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