Corona donation concert in USA: Prince Harry appears again in front of a large audience

Corona donation concert in USA: Prince Harry appears again in front of a large audience

Corona-Spendenkonzert in the USA

Prince Harry appears again in front of a large audience

Prince Harry rarely shows up at major events, but he does not miss this occasion. At a fundraising gala in Los Angeles, he campaigns for a better distribution of corona vaccines worldwide. Numerous other prominent guests appear next to him.

For the first time since moving to California last year, Prince Harry performed in front of an audience at a major event. At the corona donation concert “Vax Live” Harry spoke on Sunday in front of thousands of spectators who had been completely vaccinated against the corona virus in a stadium in Los Angeles. “Tonight we stand together in solidarity with the millions of families in India who are battling a devastating second wave,” he said.

“The virus does not stick to borders and access to vaccine cannot be determined by geography,” said the British prince. Stars such as Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Sean Penn appeared at the fundraising gala, Pope Francis and US President Joe Biden were switched on via video, Jennifer Lopez sang “Sweet Caroline” with her mother and the audience, and the Foo Fighters brought them together with Brian Johnson from AC / DC “Back in Black” on stage.

According to the organizers, the goal of the gala was exceeded in the course of the evening and more than 53 million dollars (44 million euros) were raised to finance more than ten million corona vaccination doses for poor countries. The concert will be shown on YouTube on the night of May 9th.

In the USA, Prince Harry was last seen in the sensational interview by Oprah Winfrey together with his wife Meghan Markle. The couple had accused parts of the royal family of racism against Meghan.

The two had left the inner circle of the royal family a little more than a year ago and announced that they would become financially independent. Harry, 36, had flown to the UK in late April for the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip. The pregnant Meghan had stayed in the United States on the advice of her doctor.

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