Corona on the set with Tom Cruise: “Mission: Impossible” filming is stopped

Corona on the set with Tom Cruise: “Mission: Impossible” filming is stopped

Crown and Set with Tom Cruise

“Mission: Impossible” filming is stopped

The work on the seventh part of the blockbuster series “Mission: Impossible” with Tom Cruise is not a good star. Accidents, arguments and gawkers keep causing delays. And of course the corona pandemic. So now again.

Nothing works anymore: The shooting of “Mission: Impossible 7” with Tom Cruise in Great Britain had to be stopped for the time being. “We have temporarily stopped production until June 14 due to positive coronavirus test results during routine tests,” announced the production in a statement that is available to the industry portal Hollywood Reporter.

All security protocols will be observed and the situation will continue to be monitored, it said. Those affected had gone into isolation. It is not known which and how many members of the production are involved.

The film has been in the making since February 2020, but production had to be interrupted several times due to the corona pandemic and the cinema release had to be postponed. It is currently planned to bring “Mission: Impossible 7” to theaters in May 2022.

“You damn assholes”

Tom Cruise had repeatedly advocated a corona-safe production process. Among other things, he is said to have provided for Corona-free filming locations in abandoned places. He also took some crew members to his chest after they had violated corona rules.

“We create thousands of jobs, you damn assholes, I never want to see something like that again!”, According to “The Sun” he is said to have raged in a tangible argument with the employees concerned. Anyone who disregards the rules again will be fired, the actor threatened. In fact, five crew members had subsequently left the production, the newspaper reported.

In August 2020, work on “Mission: Impossible 7” was overshadowed by a motorcycle accident. Nobody was injured, but a major fire broke out. And Cruise also had to deal with onlookers on the set. Almost a month ago, the news went around that several gawkers had gained unauthorized access to the locked location in Yorkshire, England. Cruise had them removed with the help of security forces.

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