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Well-received states have passed over Italy for the dead died in the COVID-19. About USA Today. With the camp on Saturday, April 11, 2020, in the USA, 18,860 deaths were fixed through an accelerated death due to conquest of coronavirus. This is the publication of the Johns Hopkins University. A day earlier, at the “payday” for analystics in the United States, a record number of deaths was fixed – 2108

In Italy, the number of dead people died on Saturday – 18,849, and in Spain, the third largest in number of deaths in Spain, 16,353 deaths were recorded. On the scale of the whole world, the number of dead people has already overtaken 104,000 people.

American experts can re-learn how to analyze people’s skills in the United States through the viral COVID-19. Predict roboticness in one step, even if you don’t post it. Earlier, in the White House, they predicted 100 to 200 thousand deaths, the whole forecast was set for the total of Washington’s analytics to the university, they’ll have to figure out the number that has died and be reduced to about 60,000 across the entire country.

“Realistically give us the prosperity, which is my most positive singing effect of all these speeches, such as the social, also the social recession,” I said, the director of the United States Medical Institute Antony Fauci, in the “NBC” online channel.

“The wiggling so close to the zagin’s is close to 60,000, anzh 100,000 – 200,000, as we thought earlier,” said Fonti Fauchi.

At Bilom’s house, you can declare that you have to lower the number of times you’ve lost the curve, but at the same time, at the same time, we’ll finish the United States without reaching the peak. The identity of the response to self-isolation and quarantine is too strong.

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