Coronavirus latest news

Coronavirus latest news

Trump and Pence talked with governors about coronavirus
Administrative cooperation supports
 unprecedented level of cooperation with local leaders and local authorities

The President of the United States has been successful in efforts to combat coronaviruses and further measures in this treatment. Presidential authorities claim unprecedented action is being taken. And local leaders for their tireless work.

Coronavirus White House White House Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birks and Assistant Secretary of Health and Welfare Brett Girur talk about the possibilities of testing for the virus and strengthening the fight against the spread of disease. Federal leaders also provided the latest information on the prevalence of diseases in the world and thanked the governors for their efforts.

Governors talk about what measures are being taken in their states and discuss issues of cooperation with the private sector, other states and local authorities.

Since January 2020, the administration has held at least 36 meetings with the participation of more than 15,000 leaders, as well as one-on-one. This unprecedented level of cooperation will be maintained in the future.

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