Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 07:17 Hartung: Athletes should be vaccinated as soon as possible +++

Top real Max Hartung has spoken out in favor of a swift vaccination of possible Olympic participants – if the risk groups are protected. “No athlete will tell someone who has a higher health risk that their sport is more important than the life of someone else,” said the President of the Athleten Deutschland Association to the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe: “But we athletes want to be part of a debate that affects society as a whole about which procedure should be chosen for further vaccinations. ” Athletes are particularly exposed to the risk of infection, says Hartung: “We athletes are constantly putting our health back for sport. It’s not just about protecting our own health and our performance, but also the health of other people.” However, Hartung rejects a compulsory vaccination for the planned Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23 to August 8). But he doesn’t believe, according to the 31-year-old, “that there will be a large group of athletes who will refuse a vaccination. Sports careers are short and fleeting”.

+++ 06:45 hospital society warns of overloading the health system +++
The German Hospital Society warns of an overload of the health system. “With around 6000 patients in need of intensive treatment, whose care bundles significantly higher personnel resources, a high degree of stress has been reached in the system as a whole, in many clinics on site has already been exceeded in some cases,” says Managing Director Georg Braun of the “Rheinische Post”. In order to ensure the efficiency of medical care in times of the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and encounter restrictions are still necessary.

+++ 06:24 PM Johnson goes on a trip – breach of the corona rules? +++
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatens to come under pressure because of a possible breach of the corona rules. The conservative politician was spotted on his bike in Olympia Park in the east of the British capital over the weekend – more than eleven kilometers from his official residence on Downing Street. According to the lockdown rules, however, one should only move in the local area. The debate comes at an inopportune time for Johnson: In view of the high number of cases, the government is doing everything it can to encourage people to follow the rules better. How far you can drive your car away from your own apartment in lockdown has been the subject of bitter discussions in the country in recent days. The occasion was an incident in which two women were fined several hundred euros by the police for driving eight kilometers in their car before going for a walk.

+++ 05:43 RKI counts around 12,800 new cases and 891 more deaths +++
The Robert Koch Institute has 12,802 new corona cases, making a total of 1.933 million in Germany. 891 other people have died with or from the virus. The total number of deaths is 41,577.

Note: The RKI figures generally differ slightly from the case data that reports daily in the evening. The data team has direct access to the registration figures from the federal states as published by the local ministries and authorities. The RKI, on the other hand, is bound to the legally prescribed reporting channels, which can lead to a delay.

In addition, the respective daily values ​​map different recording periods: the ntv evaluation collects the country information published by the evening and uses this to calculate a daily status of the reported case numbers, which is usually published from 8 p.m. The RKI’s recording system, on the other hand, takes into account incoming reports up to midnight, with the current data status being announced the following morning.

+++ 05:06 Vaccination Commission warns of postponing the second vaccination +++
The chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens, emphatically rejects postponing the second vaccination syringe against the coronavirus, following the example of Great Britain. “With just one vaccination, dangerous mutations can spread more quickly,” warns the virologist in the “Rheinische Post”. It is known from other virus systems that partial immunity can lead to mutations more quickly, “in which the vaccine becomes ineffective”.

+++ 04:48 Because of the pandemic: More urgent applications in Karlsruhe than ever before +++
In the Corona year 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court recorded a record of urgent requests. A total of 271 purely urgent applications were received in Karlsruhe, 72 of them relating to Corona, as the court announced. In addition, there were 239 constitutional complaints due to the restrictions on fundamental rights in the pandemic, of which 169 were linked to an emergency application. Of all urgent corona applications, only three have been successful so far. Most of the constitutional lawsuits have also been dismissed, with 45 still pending. The previous maximum number of independent urgent applications was 213 in 2018.

+++ 04:17 Entry to England only with test and quarantine +++
Entry into England will soon only be possible with a negative test. The new rule is to come into force on Friday morning (4 a.m. local time, 5 a.m. CET) and also apply to British citizens, according to the Ministry of Transport in London. The test must therefore be no more than 72 hours old when leaving the country of origin and must be checked by the airline, railway company or the ship operator before departure. Regardless of the test result, all those entering the country have to go into quarantine for ten days. Exceptions to the test requirement include children aged 10 and under and passengers entering from other parts of the UK.

+++ 04:02 China reports 55 new cases +++
China reports 55 new corona cases, after 103 the day before. Most of this is in Hebei Province, which surrounds Beijing.

+++ 03:45 WHO: Experts begin search for virus origin in Wuhan +++
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the international team of experts to investigate the origin of the coronavirus will begin its work in Wuhan. After a long delay, China had given the go-ahead for the experts to arrive. They are supposed to arrive on Thursday. In Wuhan, the first cases of infections with the then new virus became known about a year ago.

+++ 02:41 USA reports almost nine million vaccinations +++
According to its own information, the US disease authority CDC has administered more than 8.9 million vaccine doses to date. A total of 25.4 million cans were delivered.

+++ 01:48 Institute: employers have to enforce more home offices +++
The union-related Institute for Macroeconomics and Business Cycle Research (IMK) is calling on companies and administration to make greater use of home offices in order to contain the pandemic. “We now have to ask ourselves where the number of infections can be reduced with the least possible economic damage,” says IMK boss Sebastian Dullien to the editorial network in Germany. In April 2020, 27 percent of employees worked from home, but in November it was only 14 percent. At the moment, the number is possibly a little higher again.

+++ 00:51 Moderna vaccine should work for at least one year +++
According to the company, the Covid vaccine from the US manufacturer Moderna should work for at least a year. Moderna plans to deliver between 600 million and a billion doses of the vaccine this year.

+++ 00:03 Biontech offers its employees voluntary vaccination +++
The vaccine manufacturer Biontech offers its employees a voluntary vaccination according to a newspaper report. The vaccine should also be made available to suppliers and sales partners in Germany and Austria, “who are actively and directly involved in the production and sales process,” the company told the VRM newspaper group. All associated costs would be covered by Biontech.

+++ 23:14 Frustrated students and parents: KMK boss seeks understanding +++
In view of the ongoing difficulties with overburdened learning platforms for schools, the new president of the Conference of Ministers of Education, Britta Ernst, appeals for understanding among frustrated children and parents. That servers in schools sometimes don’t work is annoying, says the Brandenburg education minister in the ARD. “But what we have missed in the past five to eight years in initiatives for digital education, we will not make up in six to nine months.” She added: “I admit we would like to be elsewhere.” Here you can read more about it.

+++ 22:22 US MPs tested positive after storming the Capitol +++
A 75-year-old US MP announced a positive corona test after storming the Capitol. Bonnie Watson Coleman, of New Jersey, said Monday that she was believed to have been infected when she was holed up in a secure room for hours from the crowd. Among the 200 people there were Republicans who were not wearing masks. The Democrat from the House of Representatives has already received the first vaccination against the virus.

+++ 22:02 15 km rule for four hotspots in NRW +++
If you live in a corona hotspot with a seven-day incidence of over 200, you are allowed to move a maximum of 15 kilometers from your place of residence according to stricter regulations. This so-called 15-kilometer rule now also applies to four districts in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the evening, the state government issued a separate regional ordinance for the districts of Höxter, Minden-Lübbecke, Recklinghausen and the Oberberg district. The regulation applies from Tuesday.

+++ 21:56 Six countries have four-digit new infections +++
Of the 16 federal states, Bavaria leads the field with 2324 newly registered infections. North Rhine-Westphalia (1796), Saxony (1049), Berlin (1036), Saxony-Anhalt (1022) and Baden-Württemberg (1020) follow in the list of federal states with the highest daily values. Measured by the number of inhabitants, Saxony-Anhalt is the state with the largest daily increase in new infections this Monday: The state has 46.6 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

+++ 21:37 Current data situation in Germany: 11,301 new cases reported +++
The number of reported coronavirus infections in Germany has risen to 1,932,996. As can be seen from the information from the state authorities evaluated by, 11,301 new cases were added. The number of deaths related to infection rose 487 to 41,281. Around 330,691 people are currently infected.

The infection rate (R value) is given by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as 1.32 (previous day: 1.52). This means that an average of 100 infected people infect 132 other people with Sars-CoV-2. The 7-day R-value is currently 1.14 (previous day: 1.18). According to the Divi Register, 5289 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in intensive care in Germany, 3,006 of whom are ventilated. Around 4,807 intensive care beds are currently still available in the German clinics.

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