“Coup attempt led by Donald Trump”


The chaos in the Capitol causes horror and bewilderment around the world. It is clear to the international press who is the main culprit for the escalation: Donald Trump.

The Londoner writes about the riots by supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump “Guardian”: “The President of the United States led an attempted coup on Wednesday. A right-wing mob attempted the coup in the form of violent riots in which the building of the US Capitol was stormed. (…) An attempt to violate the constitution and the Voting will of voters in this election. Inside and outside there were two faces of the same thing, both fueled by leaders of the Republican Party and the US President. The mob outside would not exist without the politicians inside. ”

The US newspaper too “Washington Post” holds Trump directly responsible for the attack on the Capitol: “President Trump’s refusal to accept his electoral defeat and his incessant incitement to his supporters led to the unthinkable on Wednesday: an attack on the US Capitol by a violent mob that the Police overwhelmed and drove Congress out of its rooms while the electoral count was being debated, and responsibility for this sedition rests directly with the President, who has shown that his continued tenure poses a major threat to US democracy He should be ousted. (…) Mr. Trump is a threat, and as long as he stays in the White House the country will be in danger. “

“The violence is the work of Donald J. Trump”

At t-online Washington correspondent Fabian Reinbold comments: “The Trump outrage machine discharged itself at the center of this democracy: The mob attacked the Capitol, while the election result was to be confirmed there for the last time. The violence is the work of Donald J. Trump. He fantasized about it an electoral fraud that does not exist and persuaded his people that they could become heroes if they stopped the supposed fraud there.

Nobody can be surprised that a Trump allowed extremists who once encouraged neo-Nazis who rioted in the university town of Charlottesville. Anyone wondering how gleefully a president wrote about the mob in a tweet that has since been deleted, has probably forgotten that he simply forgives everything he thinks is on his side. And the shock of the Trump mob attacking journalists and smashing their equipment can only be someone who must have overheard when Trump described the media a thousand times as sinister enemies of the people, most recently two hours before the storming of the Capitol. “Read here the whole comment.

“One of the Worst Presidents in American History”

The “The New Zurich Times” comments on the riots of Trump supporters as follows: “The scenes from the Capitol are a scandal. But they do not primarily reflect the state of the USA, but the state of its president. (…) The party will find it difficult to distance himself clearly from Trump Fear of alienation and secession of some of their constituents, but the latest spectacle at the Capitol, which points to a shocking brief loss of control of the democratic, constitutional forces, as well as the bitter defeat in the Senate election in Georgia on Wednesday, should give the Republicans a sober assessment of theirs Make the situation easier (…)

“The Age” from Australia writes: “By refusing to accept the peaceful transfer of power, Trump has tainted the cycle of American politics and made violence inevitable. Instead of advocating law and order, as he claimed, he has promoted lawlessness and anarchy. If anything It is noteworthy that it took so long to develop into this type of violent unrest, given the way Trump has been going on his supporters for months. Trump’s lies about electoral fraud are alongside his disastrous handling of Corona -Pandemic ensure he will go down as one of the worst presidents in American history – and possibly the worst. Along with moral failure, he ended his presidency with political failure. Four years ago, Republicans controlled the White House, Senate and The House of Representatives Now they have M in all three eight lost. “

“Now there has been an explosion in the heart of US democracy”

When is America coming to its senses? asks the man from Zurich “Tages-Anzeiger”: “When will America finally come to its senses, when will this nightmare finally be over? Trump has shown that his character is not fit to be President of the USA. (…) The hope remains that President-elect Joe Biden will try to unite the population. In an impressive appearance in front of the cameras, he tried to calm the minds, not to heat them up. There is also hope that more and more Republican MPs in Congress will oppose Trump’s crazy ideas. “

The Spanish newspaper “The country” comments “The admirable democracy of the United States has had one of its darkest hours. The supporters of Donald Trump, whom he cheered, stormed the Capitol. It is the terrifying result of years of populist efforts to divide American society. He has the foundations of civil and peaceful coexistence repeatedly doused with gasoline, and now there has been an explosion in the heart of US democracy. “

“The Republic” Rome also sees positive things in the events in the USA: “Yesterday, American democracy experienced a gloomy and paradoxically calming day at the same time – for itself and the entire West. Because while the Trump troops, spurred on by the outgoing President to march called “Save America,” according to CNN, a veritable “coup attempt,” besieging Capitol Hill and forcing access to a session of Congress, merged Donald Trump’s ultimate democratic defeat on the Atlanta-Washington axis, first in the ballot box in Georgia and then in the statements of the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, McConnell (…). Also in the attitude of Vice President Mike Pence … The behavior of the defeated President was described by some Republican spokesmen as “terrible.” The American In yesterday’s test of nerves, democracy proved that it still has defenses to deal with the authoritarian impulses of a president ten who is willing to do anything to avoid leaving the White House. “

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