Cousin shot by policeman: Pharrell Williams awaits an answer


Cousin shot by policeman
Pharrell Williams awaits an answer

At the end of March, Donovon Wayne Lynch was shot dead by a police officer. But what exactly happened that night is still unclear. After Lynch’s funeral, his famous cousin, US rapper Pharrell Williams, speaks up. He calls for a full investigation from the state of Virginia.

Pharrell Williams addressed the authorities in the USA directly. He asked her to fully investigate the death of his cousin, who was shot by a police officer.

The musician posted a picture of the family member on Instagram after Donov von Wayne Lynch’s funeral and wrote: “I had to give a speech at my cousin’s funeral and my emotions overwhelmed me. Too many unanswered questions from the city and the state. Respectful I’m calling for a state investigation. “

Lynch, 25, was shot dead by a police officer in the street on March 27. That same night, there were multiple shootings in Virgina Beach that left another dead and eight injured.

The course of events cannot be fully checked because the policeman’s body camera was not switched on for “unknown reasons”. The local police chief Paul Neudigate had shortly afterwards confirmed at a press conference that there were also contradicting statements by the police about whether Lynch had a weapon with him or not, as the local broadcaster WTKR reported.

Shortly after the tragedy, Williams tweeted: “It is important that my family and the families of the other victims receive the transparency, honesty and justice they deserve.” The loss of these lives is “an immeasurable tragedy”.

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