Criticism of President: “Erdogan has lost sight of reality in the country”

Criticism of President: “Erdogan has lost sight of reality in the country”

For years Ahmet Davutoglu was Prime Minister of Turkey and party friend of Erdogan. There was a break in 2019. Now the politician is sharply critical and sees Erdogan’s government soon at an end.

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Former Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, has made serious allegations against Turkish President Erdogan. “Sections of the government are mafia”, he told “Spiegel”. Davutoglu, who has founded a new party, also expects Erdogan to lose in the next elections. “If the situation calms down, no one will vote for Erdogan’s ignorant, incompetent government,” said the former prime minister.

From 2014 to 2016 Davutoglu was Prime Minister of Turkey and previously Foreign Minister under Erdogan. In 2019 there was a dispute, Davutoglu left the ruling AKP party. However, he does not see himself as part of the Erdogan system. “If I had tolerated corruption, mismanagement, nepotism and attacks on the rule of law, I would still be prime minister today,” says the 62-year-old, who has since founded a new party.

“Erdogan surrounded himself with yes-men”

He asserts that he has always campaigned for more democracy in the country. “I tried to change the party from within. It was never about overthrowing Erdogan. I wanted him to succeed.” His testimony to Erdogan’s reign is sobering: “When Erdogan became head of government in 2003, he wanted to curb corruption in the country. Today it is rampant as never before.”

In addition, the president lost sight of reality. “Erdogan surrounded himself with yes-men,” said the politician. There are parliamentary elections in Turkey in 2023. Davutoglu expects new elections as early as the spring. Then the former Erdogan confidante also wants to compete with his new future party.

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