Cub survives crash: Boeing 737 kills mother bear on landing

Cub survives crash: Boeing 737 kills mother bear on landing

Cub survives crash

Boeing 737 kills mother bear on landing

Bird strikes or collisions with animals are not uncommon for passenger aircraft. A fully grown brown bear is an exception. The collision with a Boeing 737 ends fatally for the dam in Alaska.

In the US state of Alaska, according to a media report, a plane caught and killed a female brown bear shortly after landing. The people on board the Boeing 737-700 were not injured in the incident, reported the local newspaper “Anchorage Daily News”, citing a spokesman for the responsible Ministry of Transport.

A young animal about two years old that crossed the runway with its mother remained unharmed. There is no information about his whereabouts. The accident occurred on Saturday evening shortly after the plane landed in Yakutat on the Gulf of Alaska. The aircraft was damaged and initially did not fly. The repair will take several days, Alaska Airlines said, according to the newspaper.

Yakutat airport is partially fenced. The ministry spokesman said that the employees had cleared the runway about ten minutes before the arrival of the flight. Animals were not seen there. It was only when the plane rolled out after landing that the pilots discovered the two bears.

In the past, there have been reports of planes in Alaska catching deer, geese, caribou and other animals, the spokesman said. But it is the first time that he heard of a collision with a bear.

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